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My name is Craig Brown and I am currently a senior at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science. I am pursuing a double degree in Computer Science (focusing on Digital Media) and Economics. Last fall I participated in an exchange program at the National University of Singapore. My current interests include usability engineering, economics, educational and assistive technology, computer graphics, and anything else in the world that's fresh and innovative.

I have always been passionate about the arts, and developed an interest in computer graphics during my freshman year of high school. Ever since I have been experimenting with the likes of Photoshop, Maya, and Flash. Eventually I developed a significant interest in software and decided to study computer science. I am also very passionate about education and would like to design innovative educational software systems.

At the moment I am a brother of the Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity. Freshman year I also danced for the GW Bhangra team. I studied the violin for 8 years and will hopefully take it up again someday.

For more information, please see my contact page to get in touch!

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