Shabnam Tafreshi
Graduate Research Assistant
Natural Language Processing Lab
George Washington University

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at George Washington University. I work on my PhD project under supervision of Prof. Mona Diab in CARE4Lang Lab, developing algorithms and methods for computing affect (emotion), urgency, and emotion intensity in multilingual/cross-lingual platform by analyzing social media such as news, blog, and tweets. I am also interested in optimization aspects of NLP, deep models, transfer learning, pragmatic, and argumentation analysis. Prior to that, I received my M.S. in Computer Science at 2007. My focus was density based clustering algorithms optimization.

List of my Projects:
  • Multilingual/cross-lingual Affect (Emotion), emotion intensity, urgency detection (LORELEI, DARPA project)
  • Developing Multilingual Semantic Emotion Taxonomy, Sentiment, and Urgency Lexicons
  • Sentiment Analysis in Scientific Citations, special domain interest are biomedical and clinical articles

  • Classifying Emotions in Sentence-level Text Using Tree Kernel with Syntactic and Semantic Features in Multi-Genre Corpus
    S Tafreshi, M Diab
    WiML 2016

I worked as summer research student at National Institute of Health (NIH) on summer 2016. My research was focused on scientific citations analysis (function & sentiment), detection of citation context, and citation argumentation analysis.
Please contact me if you need emotional data.

  • Travel award for WiML, 2016
  • Best teacher award, Rajaii University, 1999

Email: shabnamt at gwmail dot gwu dot edu

In my leasure time I run in any weather and situation conditions, and every city I visit. I run marathons and relays and coach First Time Marathoners during summer and fall at MCRRC club. I am a finisher of 5 marathons, on my last marathon I became the 8th finisher in my age group and gender. I like creativity and out of the box thinking. I like traveling, outdoor activities, reading books, and learning about different cultures.
George Washington University +
CARE4LANG, Natural Language Processing lab +
800 22nd St NW Suite 4934, Washington DC 20036